Safety Notice


Parents, staff and citizens of Bells,



The Bells ISD Board of Trustees and administrative team strongly believe that all children have the right to attend and learn in a safe, nurturing, and loving environment. Likewise, BISD employees have the right to focus on EDUCATING our children in a safe workplace without worrying about being the last line of defense for the physical safety of our students. Student and staff well-being is THE priority of all involved in creating and implementing safety procedures and policies in BISD!



A comprehensive approach is necessary to prevent any form of school violence in BISD. We cannot construct our schools with no windows, limited entrances, bullet proof glass and as armed fortresses; the fact is, they are large buildings with multiple entrances necessary for other safety reasons and numerous windows for a more conducive learning environment. An enhanced plan for an intruder must be developed, practiced, and revisited often with input from our district police department and all law enforcement officer resources available.



The BISD Board of Trustees is continuously considering methods to best protect our students and staff. Administration has diligently worked with the BISD PD as well as our local Police Chief and other law enforcement officers to ensure all responsible for the safety of our students and staff are working together to formulate the most efficient plan of action. BISD’s priority is to protect all in attendance at BISD schools.



Tricia Meek, Superintendent

Bells Independent School District




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